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Case for support


Our mission, to see France radically transformed

and saved by the revelation

of Jesus Christ.


Our why

We hold the conviction

that the moment has arrived

for a spiritual revival in France

and Europe, and that starts with dedicated prayer and worship.

When many come to Jesus,

it will drastically change the way people live, do business,

art, politics.


We have to play a part

in equipping people in every

sphere of society.

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Our History


Our Founders

When our founders, Pastor Franck and Carole Pecastaing were called to ministry 40 years ago, God told them to build Christcentered life centers with 24/7 prayer. 


The beginnings


Life centers with 24/7 prayer

These are cultural, economic, and technological hubs where the values of the Kingdom of God are put into action.

At their core are 24/7 prayer, worship, and intercession.

In 2003, they began pastoring at

a small church in the Parisian suburbs, and after some time,

they established a 24/7 prayer room within the church. Eighteen years on, they felt called by the Lord to progress with the vision of the Paris House of Prayer. The inaugural event occurred on

September 19, 2019, in central Paris, gathering around 30 people.


Moving in obedience

and faith

Moving in obedience and faith, we hosted our first service post-pandemic on September 17, 2022, gathering people from many nations. Today, the Paris House of Prayer has weekly two-hour prayer and worship services, with an average attendance of over 120 people and 30 volunteers, and we've started hosting 24-hour prayer events last October. This momentum is the foundation for the next phase of building a permanent place for God's presence to rest.


After the COVID-19 pandemic

Soon after the COVID-19 pandemic interrupted our in-person gatherings, a committed group sustained the spirit of the house of prayer through weekly online sessions. In the meantime, the Lord led Pastor Franck

and Carole to Burundi, an East African nation, and clearly spoke to their hearts to hand over the responsibility of the house to Makéda Pecastaing, their daughter and Josh Aldrich, who

had been on their staff team for more than a decade.

My house shall be called


Matthew 21:13

Our primary goal is to build God a resting place in Paris, and for us to come and serve his presence. We seek to encounter His manifest presence, one that transforms hearts and the atmosphere of our city.

The first step in completing the vision God entrusted to us is the establishment and maintenance of this 24/7 house of prayer. This house is more than just a place of worship; it's a continuous assembly that aligns with the spiritual principles of David's Tabernacle, as highlighted in 1 Chronicles 23:1-25:31. 



“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

2 Chronicles 7:14

We believe that our responsibility is to pray for our land. God wants to move in France in a powerful way and reveal Jesus through an unprecedented spiritual awakening. Revival starts with prayer and worship, and we are committed to persevere until Jesus is massively revealed to the people of France.

Our worship

At the Paris House of Prayer, Horizon Louange,

led by Makeda Pecastaing since 2012,

is pivotal to our mission.

Horizon Louange is a community of modern Levites committed to serving God's presence through music and arts in Paris House of Prayer. In 2014, the Lord led them to capture the sound of our house. After four albums, and many tours around Europe and beyond, their songs are sung all over the world by French-speaking believers.

This season, they also serve the Paris Revival School led by Jean-Luc Trachsel. This school is dedicated to equipping Christians to steward revival in France and Europe. They lead the first promotion in worship throughout the year alongside teachers like Ben Fitzgerald (Awakening Europe), Bill Johnson (Bethel Church), Michael Koulianos (Jesus Image)…

Supporting them financially is not just about resources; it's about fostering a biblical vision of worship, deeply impacting our community and beyond.

2024 : A Monumental Spiritual Year Ahead for Paris

In 2024, as the Olympics return to Paris for the first time in a century, there's high anticipation for a spiritual awakening in the city. The Paris House of Prayer is focusing on three key initiatives this year.


Firstly, we're continuing our weekly services in the 12th arrondissement, drawing over a hundred attendees each Sunday. We will also be building upon the success of our 24-hour prayer event, Sans Cesse (Without Ceasing), by doing three 24-hour prayer events - March, May, and October - as well as organizing 24-7 prayer and worship throughout the Paris Olympics. While these events are costly, they are crucial steps towards establishing a permanent 24/7 prayer house in Paris.

Finally, our major goal is to acquire a building for this purpose, relying on global support to realize a vision that was set forth over 40 years ago, at a time when Paris's need for constant prayer and worship is more pronounced than ever.

Annual Budget

for 46 Sunday Services

2024Annual Operations 


The Paris House of Prayer meets every Sunday at 5pm

Our two-hour Sunday service is the centerpiece of our current house of prayer, as hundreds of people from churches throughout the Paris Region and visitors from around the world gather to adore and worship Jesus, and intercede for the nations. In 2024, we plan 46 Sunday Services at our new venue, and plan to add volunteer capacity, purchase essential equipment, and streamline our operational systems so that we can continue to grow and fulfill the vision that the Lord has entrusted to us.

Special Projects


24 Hour Prayer Events



24-hour prayer events build our capacity, and increase our volunteer base

As we move into preparing a permanent place for the Paris House of Prayer, the Lord has positioned 2024 as an incredibly strategic year. We believe that conducting 24-hour prayer is the key to unlocking the vision that God has given us. In 2023, we hosted one 24-hour prayer event called Sans Cesse (Without Ceasing), where we had more than 300 people register from more than 20 churches around Paris. That event truly marked people, and gave our team an idea of what it takes to do 24-hour prayer and worship. In 2024, we're planning to do three Sans Cesse events (March, May, and October), which will continue to grow our house, iron out our systems, and increase our volunteers

Olympics Paris 2024


24-hour prayer during the Paris Olympics

We know that God is going to do big things in Paris this year, and prayer is an imperative component of that. Partnering with worshippers and intercessors from around the world who will be coming to Paris this summer, the Paris House of Prayer is organizing 24-7 prayer throughout the Olympics. Starting with the Opening Ceremony on July 26 until the closing on August 11, we’re going to be contending for the kingdom of God to come to Paris and for the Lord to permanently change Paris and France. We believe that 24-7 prayer will provide covering over the event, and will help anchor and ground the prayers of millions of believers globally praying for Paris during this time.

Special Guest Events

/ Capacity Building


Hosting special guests, worship bands, and speakers

Since relaunching in September 2022, the Paris House of Prayer has welcomed others with a heart for prayer, intercession, worship, and Paris to our house. This includes Joel Figueroa and Elyssa Smith from Upper Room, Chuck Parry from Bethel, Sebastian Corn from Impact, and the Circuit Riders. We know that given our increasing profile, coupled with the attention of the Olympics that many other musicians and leaders will be visiting the Paris House of Prayer in 2024 to support our efforts in permanently establishing a resting place for the Lord in Paris.

Building Fund

A permanent home


Our long-term goal is to establish a permanent facility with 24-7 prayer, worship, and intercession for the nations. Given that Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world, we are trusting God for His divine provision to fulfill the word He gave more than 40 years ago.

1 Chronicles 28:10 Consider now, for the Lord has chosen you to build a house for the sanctuary; be strong, and do it.”


Philippians 4:19 And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

2024 Annual Expenses   .................................................. €94,567

(46 Sunday Services)

Special Events

Sans Cesse (mars, mai, octobre ................................................ 59 280 €

Olympics 24-7 Prayer   ...................................................... €289,270

Special Guests / Capacity Building   ................................... €79,324

Building Fund   .......................................................... €15,500,000+

A more detailed breakdown is available upon request.
To make tax deductible donations, please write to:

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